Yesterday we completed the first full day of the Faith RX’d camp. There was a lot said and impressed upon my heart throughout the day. I plan to do a full summary of the camp once we have completed day three. However, yesterday one of the more important things that I felt was repeated over and over again was the necessity for excellence.

God made us in His image. That means we are made in His likeness and made to imitate Him. There’s nothing about God that is subpar or anything less than excellent. We are made for excellence. One of the points that Jeremy Thiel brought up in his time on the discussion panel is our necessity as believers to relentlessly pursue excellence.
Far too often Christians are satisfied with mediocrity and believe that God will bless their ministry, efforts, or endeavors just because they are believers. This idea is not only unrealistic but is un-Biblical. Certainly some of the Saints we read about in Scripture prayed and prayed often for God to bless them.

David prayed often. Moses is counted over and over again to have been praying and talking to the Lord. Abraham repeatedly finds himself asking God questions and communicating straight to him. However all three of these men were not done after they got up off of their knees. The next step following their prayer was action. They recognized that prayer was just the starting line. It is the starting line for a relentless pursuit of excellence. God has made us to readily pursue Him with excellence.

I challenge those of you who are believers in the business world or athletic world or whatever arena you find yourself in, to never settle for mediocrity. You are made in the image of a God who is far from mediocre. He did not design us to be subpar. He designed us to be far above average. Mirror his excellence. God wants us On the podium and He wants us to embrace the process that it takes to get there. Don’t just expect God to give it to you because you love him. He has made you to work for it.



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