Success in Denver


I want to give a huge thank you to Crossfit Unbroken for a spectacular weekend. Kevin and the rest of the staff were awesome and super hospitable to us this weekend. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to serve us this weekend.

The attendees this weekend, as I told them in our final lecture, were incredibly intelligent and clearly came to increase their knowledge. I have met very few groups of fitness-focused individuals who were more interested in how we could help their gyms than they weren’t interested in how we could help them personally. These are the types of people we need coaching and leading in Crossfit. The type of people who are as concerned with the growth and health of their clients and athletes as they are their own.

The folks who attended this weekend are the types of coaches we need to see more around our gyms. I pray what was conveyed this weekend will be more than just head knowledge but will push the attendees to application. Reps, experience, failure, and time make good coaches. Knowledge is merely an aid to help along the way. I hope the knowledge conveyed this weekend acts as just that…a catalyst for growth.

Thanks again Unbroken.

Oh and thank you Breakfast on Broadway for serving the best breakfasts I have had to date on this tour.


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