A Reason For The Jump Forward


Notice Something About This Lifter?

One of the more recent technical faults that is showing up in the CrossFit world in the Olympic lifts and as a result is being addressed is what I like to call the snatch or clean broad jump. Anybody who’s been around CrossFit and/or weightlifting for any amount of time knows exactly what I’m talking about.

One of the major problems in our lifters today revolves around their ability to keep the bar moving backwards towards them and prevent any foot movement forward in their third pull. There are a lot of reasons that this could happen but today I want to give you just one. Below I have included a video of one of my athletes performing a hang snatch. He jumps forward just slightly in this video. In the video, I walk y’all through why this happens.

Ultimately the underlying reason for anyone ever jumping forward in a snatch or clean is because the bar is forward and the lifter has to go get it. You see this very clearly in Jeff’s lift here but as I state in the video there are 1 million different reasons for the bar moving forward or 1 million different reasons you would ever be in the position to send the bar forward. Check this video out below and remember the bar must move vertical from the hips not horizontal.

Jeff Germond Hang Snatch Analysis


2 responses to “A Reason For The Jump Forward

  1. your lifter Jeff in the video might as well have been me. What drill do you feel is the most bang for your buck to develop the feel of how the bar should be traveling in terms of verticality from the hips?

    -I have gotten away from pulls off the blocks recently and feel that would help but just wanted a second opinion. -I’m also going to reintroduce hangs from a hi-hang position to just work on the transition. -I have been emphasizing a good pull on snatch pulls from 100-120 max but need some more right now I feel to hammer this home.

    Thanks for the good blog.


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