United By The Barbell


I am currently sitting on the flight to London planning what the next couple days are going to look like before we start our camp in Finland.  Everyone who goes to London wants to hit the tourist spots.  Big Ben, The London Bridge, etc.  10 years ago, I suppose my desires would have been the same.  However, a lot has changed in 10 years.  10 years ago Crossfit was just an infant.  10 years ago websites and “drop-in fees” were a non-entity.  Today, I can email a gym owner, set up a workout session, and fly anywhere in the world without missing a day of training.

It’s miraculous to me that around the globe  so many people are united around the idea of fitness.  I love the fact that at no point in time do I have to pause my training but instead I am welcomed into weightlifting gyms and Crossfit gyms around the globe.  This more recent development unites Russians to Iranians, Americans to the Japanese and every barbell loving, fitness fanatic to each other.

Thank you Crossfit for initiating this reality.  Most folks are excited to go to London to see Buckingham Palace.  I’m excited to meet more people passionate about the barbell and sling some weight around with them.  That’s my idea of a tourist visit.

On a sidenote, does anyone know where Zoe trains at?

Zoe Snatch Zoe BWC


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