Weak Link

Today for our team competition workout at Crossfit Deep we took Froning up on his challenge and completed the “Sally Up/Sally Down” Workout.

Video Evidence

Many would watch this workout and suspect that the amount of volume for the squats would turn the legs into the weak link.  In theory that amount of squatting in that amount of time would certainly display weakness in the legs.  However, I had a hunch that the amount of time my guys would be under tension would display a different weakness.  4-ish minutes with a bar on your back (squats or not squats) taxes the spinal supporting muscles, abdominal muscles, and basically all muscles that help you stand up straight under load.

The challenged issued by Froning is a severe test of the durability of my athletes.  It’s one test to squat a heavy weight once.  It’s a completely different test to squat light weight for 4 minutes  without resting.  One is a test of extreme power.  The other is a test of durability.  It is very easy to be strong and not be durable.  Generally, Olympic lifters fit that mold.

The test we completed today displays a weak link for many of my athletes.  We are strong BUT how strong are we after 4 minutes of constant load or work?  That may come down to the durability of our core and our level of muscular endurance.  Thanks for the test Rich.



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