Strong Yet Weak

There are many times during my training when it is hard to remember the very words that I remind people of every day. It’s hard to remember and trust is that there are seasons, focuses, and specific results oriented periods of my program. For instance, right now my coach has oriented the programming towards strength gain. It’s obvious by the massive amount of front squats and heavy pulls she programs on a regular basis. My problem with this is that I am not currently primed to snatch or clean and jerk PR. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around this truth but ironically this is something I preach to my clients and athletes on a regular basis.


The bottom line is that I am much stronger than I was 10 weeks ago but I feel weak.  I define strength not by the amount of weight on the squat bar but by how much weight I can put over my head. Nevermind that my front squat is going through the roof or my back feels much stronger than it was seven weeks ago.  I just struggle remembering that this strength will later get put to use in the lifts but now is not that time. I am competing in the Barbells for Boobs charity competition this weekend near Austin and to say that I am looking forward to it would be a lie. Don’t get me wrong I love competing and I love lifting on a platform in front of people. It’s literally the only reason I do this sport. However, I know that the goals I have set my mind to achieve on a national stage are not probable at this meet. This truth is simply because my most recent training has been very high-volume and low intensity. That is not going to prevent me from giving everything I have on the platform this weekend but there is an element in which I must trust my coach and trust her timing for my peaking. If I Peak now there would be a reciprocal valley to follow. I do not need that valley to follow until after the American open. I just have to trust.


I am writing this blog to give some comfort to those of you who are struggling with the same situations. Even those of us who know there is a plan that is designed for our peaking struggle with trusting that plan. My encouragement to those of you who are smack in the middle of heavy doubles and heavy triples and sets of five on the back squat to remember that the strength your building now will be useful later down the road when you have peaked properly for the meet of your life. Work hard now for the rewards later. It’s a good reminder for all of us.


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