Paul Estrada Snatch Critique

Today at the Las Vegas camp, we worked through the snatch progression and talked about the specifics of the snatch. As part of that we always end with a max effort session.

I was pleasantly surprised by how intuitive this group of coaches is as they asked some of the better questions I have ever received. Furthermore, having Jared Flemming at this camp has been awesome so far. Not only having his lifting abilities but he and I going back-and-forth on the biomechanics of different weightlifters and having him around to add to the practical work and lectures certainly enhances their quality. That being said we saw a pretty massive snatch attempt out of Paul Estrada yesterday and after hitting 320 he was very very close to a lifetime PR 335. Below I have done a coach’s eye critique of that lift and as I indicated in the video he will get this weight very soon.

I was thoroughly impressed by Paul’s focus on his technical faults. He has been known to overpull and yank his head back when he snatches. He has done a great job of improving on those weaknesses and while he was working up to this weight he looked 100% better than he has in the past. I believe if he continues to focus on those technical faults will see 335# very soon.

Paul Estrada 335# Snatch


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