Good Foundation

Eric and I have arrived in Medford, Oregon for the Pacific Northwest edition of the Texas Outlaw Olympic Lifting Camp.  Last night we did the traditional Friday night max out.  These nights allow the athletes to get after some heavy weight before we break it down to parts and pieces the rest of the weekend AND it allows Eric and I to see the faults and errors in the room.

What we saw last night was room full of athletes with a great foundation for the lifts but no concept of what should be happening when the bar leaves the floor.  They are all pretty mobile, flexible, and stable.  They are for the most post pretty explosive.  However, the just need some basic knowledge of what happens when they complete a snatch or clean or jerk.

These type of athletes are the most fun to work with because they see immediate results and will possible walk away only to PR their lifts again next week.  Speaking of PRs here are a couple from last night.

Sam Jay 240# Snatch PR Oregon Camp

Johnny Saxton 300# CJ PR Oregon Camp

Laura Ashland 195# CJ PR Oregon Camp

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