10 Year Lookback

Thinking of the men and women who lost their lives.

I was asked last week if I could go back 10 years and tell myself three things concerning the sport of weightlifting what would it be. My answers were not very well thought out but I believe are still correct. Here they are in reverse order.

3. Concentrate On The First Pull. It’s easy when you’re young and excited to forego any thought or concern about technique for the sake of aggressiveness. In my mind, for at least the first 8 years of my lifting, I found that the more aggressive I was, the more weight I was able to lift. However, as my level of aggressiveness rose my ability to complete the first pull decreased significantly. If I could go back I would tell myself to slow down, be patient, and focus on the first part of the pull in order to full develop proper technique as well as my posterior chain.

2. Do More Double Sessions. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I began to see the benefit of breaking a long training session up into multiple sessions. All through college and just after graduation, I had the time and capability to break my workouts up into multiple sessions rather than completing 1 3-4 hour session. My workouts, having realized the benefit of two sessions, are much higher in quality now.

1. Squat More. No explanation needed here. Front. Back. Two a days. All of it. Just more of it.

Speaking of squatting I got photo bombed today : 170kg


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