Coach’s Eye Requests

Next weekend I will be spending some time at the beach and the plan is to run a series on Coach’s Eye Analysis.  I want to show how this 4 dollar app has completely changed how I coach and how you can use it as well.  The capability for precision coaching that this app gives coaches is hugely practical.  Below is a video I made today of Jason Hoggan’s 225 snatch attempt from the Sweat RX Competition.  Also, below is the video that started it all.  The Snatch Broad Jump Video.

If you have a video of a lift that is interesting or wild then I would love to take a look at it.  I will be putting up 6-7 days of these videos.  Potentially 2-3 videos a day.  Send me those videos to if  you have something that would be fun to look at.

Jason Hoggan Sweat RX Competition Snatch

The Original Snatch Broad Jump


5 responses to “Coach’s Eye Requests

  1. Have you ever tried the slow motion app for iPhone called ubersense? I tried coaches eye and liked ubersense better. Wanted to see your thoughts on that. Thanks for the awesome posts.

    • I’ve always used Coach’s Eye and found it to be better quality. They have more ways to be social and I like the organization. Can’t wait to see some of the vids!

  2. Loved your analysis of Jason. Thanks to him for coming so early and so fully onto his toes as to clearly demonstrate the consequences of doing so. I think that coming early onto the toes is bane of the intermediate snatcher. Once you figure out the DKB and start sweeping the bar back off the floor, it seems that the struggles consist of a combination of keeping the chest up and going into the toes too early on the 2nd pull.

    I look forward to more coaches eye stuff. I think it’s some of your best work. The visual really helps.

  3. Would you say that his head being back and looking up being a cause of him jumping back as well as moving his weight onto his toes? I have that same little jump back issue once weights get heavier and can’t seem to fix it even when I try to be more patient I’m still drifting back which doesn’t let me get under the bar.

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