With Sweat RX Day 2 in the books I can’t help but be surprised by a lot of what I don’t know or who I didn’t know about. Thus based on day 2 I am going to make a couple observations that surprised me.

1. Paul Tremblay is the Canadian version of Chad Mackay. He moves weight around effortlessly and his ability to move his body is angelic. I had no clue who this guy was before this weekend. Now I do and my best guess is that the rest of the Crossfit world will soon.

2. Michele Letendre is not at all what she seems. She’s a Games athlete in its purest form but looking at her I would have picked her to be a bodyweight specialist. Don’t get me wrong she smoked the bar MU and the burpees BUT those are far from her only strengths. She cleaned 225 on day 1, got 6 reps at 140 on the last snatch weight AFTER 300 burpees, and she moved the yoke around like it was child’s play. I don’t know why she hadn’t crossed my radar before but the depth of her talent is clearly noticeable.

3. The field as a whole is wildly impressive. I came in having met three of the athletes competing and knowing who 3 others were. I had no clue who the rest of the field was. They are impressive to say the least. Guys like Mitch Barnard and Ben Stoneberg are guys to watch in the future. Girls like Nicole Capurso and Sacha Adkins are names I had never heard before and names I will keep my eye out for in the future.

4. Canadians don’t have near the affinity for guns that Americans do. On the flip side, Americans don’t have near the affinity for exercise that Canadians do. I was asked when was the first time I shot a gun. I said when I was little boy. They all seemed shocked. Winchester and I walked around the city a little bit yesterday. Everyone is active. Culture.

Overall Days 1 and 2 have been great. We are set up for a wild finish with a field very close in points. There’s still 250 points to be had today. Anything can happen.

Check out this video recap of day 2: DAY 2



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