Denver Camp Day 2: #lightweight

It’s always amazing to me to see how one day of camp work and one night’s rest can translate into change. The attendees came in today with almost exact memory of what we had done the day before and were able to pick right back up where we left off. Watching some of them complete the first pull in the clean and step through well in the jerk after having only learned that the day before we very fulfilling. Were the perfect. Not yet. BUT you could see they had registered some of the material they learned yesterday and were trying their hardest to put it to work.


The afternoon work on the power lifts was incredibly eye-opening for me. As a Olympic lifter my idea of a deadlift is a clean pull. John used me today to set me up in the proper deadlift position and to say I felt awkward was an understatement. Definitely a fish out of water. However, the terms “anti-shrug,” “scapula flare”, and “rock the the tension” out of the bar will transform how I teach the deadlift moving forward.

Great day of camp today. Check out some of the heavier clean and jerks from today’s camp and the deadlift technical work. We will be using those videos tomorrow in the lecture on how to use Coach’s eye MOST effectively.

CJ Day

Deadlift Work


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