USAW Certification: Senior Level 2 Coach

Coach Harvey Newton showing us how its done

For those of you who have your USAW Level 1 I want to point you to what will be a VERY fun weekend if we can get yall there.  Coach Harvey Newton and John Coffee have agreed to put on a Level 2 seminar in Marietta GA.  I will be attending as well as our other Olympic lifting genius Eric Rosenstock.  Rumor has it that Attitude Nation guru and MashELite owner Travis Mash may be in attendance.

Bottomline: if you don’t know these coaches leading the certification then you should.  They are elite level coaches who have been around the sport for a long time and seen more combined than any of us will in our lifetime.  This certification is going to be chalked full of good information for those of you who care to broaden your Olympic lifting knowledge and understanding.  If you have your level 1 already you can take the seminar regardless of qualification with the stipulation that you reach those level 2 goals within 2 years.  The knowledge alone is worth the trip.

I would like nothing more than to attend this and learn alongside a whole bunch of athletes who love the lift.  Also, I have been assured we will be given some time to sling some weight around.  Not a lot better than a weekend spent learning about lifting and putting it to application right then.

Here’s the link to sign up (and no I am not getting a cut of your registration fee):

This is going to be a fun weekend.  Come out if you can.  We can watch the Dawgs beat South Carolina that same weekend!


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