So much of athletics rises and falls on desire. Desire to train. Desire to win. Desire to consistently press on. Desire is a funny thing though. Mentally you can be on 100% of the time and we have all had weeks and days where training is the last thing we want to do. If we allow those weeks and days to drag on we often will have meets where competing is the last thing we want to do.

This week (and likely much of this month) is what I like to use as a week for rejuvenation. So many athletes will come off a hard, grueling training cycle straight into a big competitive meet and immediately jump back into another hard cycle. This type of training may be physically possible for some but mentally it’s exhausting and will create a numbness to training and a dulled desire for competition. That’s why after a big, emotional meet like Nationals or the American Open I like to take some time and rejuvenate. That doesn’t mean I won’t train it just means that I will train with a little less ferocity and a little less necessity for emotional output.

This week and in many ways this month is a time for me to rejuvenate and protect my desire for the sport. Anyone who has completed 4-5 months of hard training to prepare and excel at a big meet can tell you that over that cycle your emotions are taxed, your body is physically stretched to its limit, and you mental fortitude is tested. It’s important after meets like that to allow your body the time to recover and prepare for another cycle like this.

Crossfit Games athletes I’m sure are feeling the same way this month. After all the preparation coming to a peak and their biggest competition coming to a close any smart Games athlete is cutting their training by 50% and really taking some time to enjoy their training. Do fun workouts and fun movements. Heck, skip training and go fishing.

Rejuvenation is essential for the longevity of athletic endeavors and without times to back off and enjoy the sport you love then the sport will consume you.


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