I Wasn’t Dreaming


In weightlifting 6 for 6 is like the unicorn you never are able to see or catch or verify actually exists. I have literally only ever been 6 for 6 in my life once ever and it was under perfect conditions following myself at a state meet. To go 6 for 6 yesterday feels like a dream. I have a plane to catch this morning so I will give a full writeup on the events at Nationals yesterday but for now some thanks are in order and teaser video. I can’t thank my coaches enough, my competition (specifically Mike Szela and Glenn Pendlay), or my teammates enough. Incredible support cast. My wife deserves a gold medal for being the most patient, supportive woman on the planet through my weight cut and training over the past month. Seriously no way I do this without her. Most of all, I wouldn’t be able to lift, train, compete, or coach the way I do if not for the grace of the Lord. He gives me the talent and He puts me in places over and over again to succeed. Without the grace of God I am still struggling to snatch 60kg at best. He deserves any and all of the glory for this weekend.

I still feel like I’m dreaming. Plane to catch. Full writeup to come tomorrow.

In the meantime here’s a teaser video: 3rd attempt Snatch Nationals 2013: 124kg



9 responses to “I Wasn’t Dreaming

  1. Great job bro!! Congratulations! You gotta love the background that a skating rink provides for a national weightlifting meet.

  2. Great job Spencer! We are so excited for you. Jackson says it is a good thing you stayed on your heals. Love the Luttrell’s.

  3. Congratulations! I’m glad all your hard work has paid off. I love your blog and all your tips, insights, and opinions – I read it all the time. Thanks!

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