The Offseason Is Here…For Most Of You


This is one of our coaches at the gym talking about what it takes to get a PR in the snatch:  Enjoy: The Key To A PR Snatch By Eric Rosenstock

I get asked daily from my competitors and my remote athletes why we are doing so much lifting and why their conditioning has little to no skill involved.  One of my athletes today said I never feel like I get to do pullups or handstand pushups in WODs anymore.  I replied with a sarcastic comment about how observant she was or something.

The reality is simple.  For 98% of the Crossfit competitors out there you’re in the offseason.  The offseason means two things.  Aerobic threshold work and strength gains.  So when my athletes ask me why they are lifting so much and dragging a sled around for 15 minutes the answer is simple: we’re in the offseason.  That’s what we do in the offseason.

It is important for each of you to keep this in mind from now until early to mid December.  The refining of your technique and the increase of your strength right now is paramount to your success in the Crossfit season.  What you do in the next months with the barbell will set you up to articulate that strength later in the season.  Be intentional right now about cleaning up your technique, fixing your bad habits, and getting so strong that you find yourself competitive in weightlifting as a sport.  Remember the best Crossfitters in the world would also be National competitors in the weightlifting world.  You have to be strong to be fit.

My biggest suggestion for each of you right now is to find a training camp, seminar, or coach who can help you in this effort.  We have two camps planned out of our gym coming in the next two months that would fit the bill.  You can check those out here.  One is here in Dallas and one is in Medford, Oregon.  If you can’t make those do yourself a favor and find a way to do something to the end of strength and technical proficiency in the offseason.  You’ll thank me in May.

August 2-4: Texas Outlaw Seminar in Dallas, TX

September 20-22: Texas Outlaw Seminar in Medford, OR


10 responses to “The Offseason Is Here…For Most Of You

  1. Love the new programming will be following it. Any tips for reducing my jump back? The complex today was taxing definitely. Will be all in 100% next week just finishing the Smolov from reg Outlaw this week.Thanks for putting this together appreciate all the work that goes into it!

  2. Spencer, can you write a blog about the benefit or explanation around high volume Olympic Weightlifting. ie. Grace. This doesn’t make sense for a lot of people out there that don’t do CrossFit. It definitely doesn’t make sense in the weightlifting world. For Crossfitters this is a benchmark and also a conditioning workout. But from the outside looking in, it seems crazy to some and even dangerous maybe when O-lifting is meant to be a sport centered around max effort lifts, not under fatigue, with rest between reps n such.

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