I love watching training sessions and Youtube videos of weightlifters getting after it.  In fact, this is likely the biggest misuse of my time during the day.  I love watching the training videos specifically from Catalyst Athletics and MDUSA.  They are some of the best motivational videos I have ever seen and great insight into technical differences as well.  What you will notice however is that in most of their daily videos we never see misses.  In fact, in most Olympic lifting videos out there, we never see misses.  It leads a lot of un-informed Americans to believe that the top-lifters NEVER miss.  While I will concede and admit that the top lifters miss a small percentage, everyone misses.  Even if it is just a technical fault.

Then I ran across the videos from Attitude Nation.  Specifically this video.  I enjoyed seeing Jon struggle with weights that I know he makes on a regular basis in the same way that I have found myself struggling with weights that are normally warmup weights.  Everyone has those days and any coach, athlete, or video that allows you to believe otherwise is flat lying to you.  Everyone misses and as I said before, “When to keep lifting and when to move is a matter only the lifter can decide.  However, remember that you only get three chances in competition and 15 misses is NEVER a good thing.  Be smart, be persistent, never give up, but don’t be dumb.”

Jon made that 150kg that was all over him in training but he did so because he got focused, remembered how many other times he had made that weight, and polished the small errors in his technique.  Misses happen.  I can respect the men that don’t hide them in their videos.

Also, this article from Natalie is balling.  Check her out… literally the smallest competitor in the CF Games.


4 responses to “Reality

  1. Cal Strength put out a video compilation of misses not too long ago…really refreshing to see actually

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