USAW Youth Nationals 2013



I need to give a little shout out to some incredible lifts, lifters, and coaches at the Nationals this weekend. While they are still competing there were some amazing lifts and super high totals put up yesterday.

My mentor, first coach, and friend put on quite a showing with his kids Jack, Anna, and Tre. Jack finished third with a 71 kg total (33kg snatch/38kg CJ) surpassing his older brother’s accomplishments at that age. Medal number one. Anna finished first with an 80 kg total (35kg snatch/45kg CJ) beating her competition by 20kg. Metal number two. Not to be outdone, Tre finished first with 132 kg total (60kg snatch/72kg CJ) accomplishing a competition PR snatch, CJ, and total. Metal number three. It’s always one heck of a day when you come home with three medals for three lifters. There is an incredible future ahead of them. Their father and coach I would imagine is very proud. After talking to him last night he attributes their success to a simple philosophy. “Hit heavy weights daily in training and you won’t be scared of them on the platform.”


The second-story of the day and one I have personally seen grow and I can’t be more excited for is Alex Thorton. She not only won her weight class as a representative of Outlaw Barbell Club but she also set 5 American Records in the process AND won best female lifter for her age group AND to top it off she would have won the next weight class above her with her 82kg total. Her coach and one of my training partners, Bobby Sirkis, walked away with a gold medal as her coach and his first National championship. I’m super proud of both Alex and Bobby for taking their first National title home of many more to come.


These type of performances from athletes and coaches give me great hope and high expectations for the future of American weightlifting.



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