Started the Tampa Bay Art of Strength seminar last night. I am pumped to be hosted by Jimmy and Cale and was really impressed by the group’s work last night. As we always do we started the night off with heavy snatching and heavy clean and jerks. There are 4 folks participating this weekend plus some folks jumping in and out all weekend but the 4 that were there tonight showed no lack of intensity.
I was super impressed with their aggression and fire on the heavy singles.

One of the few things you can’t teach or position correctly is a lifter’s ability to be aggressive and attack the weight. It’s an intangible that has no real fix except to start being aggressive. There are some analogies that many coaches will use to teach aggression but ultimately it lies in the desire of the lifter.
I’m pumped to help chisel away some of the bad habits and technical faults this weekend because a group who is already aggressive can be expected to make gains quickly. It’s the intangible element. The desire that wants to make the PR relies as much on bar speed through aggression as it does through bar speed through proper positioning.
I know it’s like beating a dead horse in the sport don’t be satisfied with sub-maximal lifts because you were too timid to get after it. Gentlemen and Ladies, the Olympic lifts are quick, fast, and create stability. BUT you have to understand that the Olympic lifts are quick and fast because someone was aggressive.
Aggression indeed is a necessity that can only come from within.


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