Let The Games Begin

Courtesy Crossfit Inc

Courtesy Crossfit Inc

Regionals complete.  1 thing is for sure the Central East Men’s competitors put on a show!  Earlier in the day I stated that watching the men’s competition in the Central East versus the rest of the world is like watching SEC football in comparison to the rest of the country.  With all the Regionals complete preparation for the Games becomes a little more focused.

This link shows all the regional competitors stacked up against each other.  There’s a couple things that should be noted when looking at this website.  First, Froning beat all the rest of the Games qualified athletes by 28 points!  Second, of all regional competitors mens competitors 7 of the top 10 were from the Central East Region.  THAT MEANS THAT 2 0f the top 10 fittest men in the world be watching the Games.  Sorry Sasser and Fory… you need to move to another region.  Those two men are a lot like UGA and Arkansas.  Great athletes who would dominate any other region but suffer the poor luck of playing in the best one.  They should both get invites in my opinion.  But seriously based on this weekend, the Opens, and years past, every male is playing for second place anyway.  The only way Froning gets beat is injury.  Knock on wood…

One the women’s side, of all the Games-qualified athletes, Elisabeth Akinwale comes out on top beating Sam Briggs by 8 points.  What this means for all of you watching in July.  The ladies competition is going to be awesome!  Last year the final workout had very little bearing on the top of the podium.  This year guarantees to be much different.  EA looks dominant but with a field this tight and some many different types of athletes in the field I wouldn’t dare make a guess on who will take the podium this year.

On the team side, you see a situation a lot like Rich’s situation.  Nobody can beat Hack’s Pack.  They beat everyone by 45 points!  Good luck trying and as terrible as it may be for the sport, it likely will stay that way for years to come.  They’re unstoppable.

That Games are here and with only 6 weeks or so ahead of training much of what will happen the next couple weeks is pivotally important.  Can’t wait to see it all play out.  Did I mention how excited I am that the National Championships are the same weekend…


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