Back At It


As I was internally debriefing regionals thinking about a certain section of my coaching season coming to an end I took a look at the calendar.  7 weeks until Nationals.  What that means is that what happens over the next 5 weeks could complete all the training put in over the year or waste it.

One of the greatest struggles of coaching is trying to stay engaged emotionally with your training when you have been so engaged emotionally with the training of others.  It’s a struggle that all competitive coach/athletes will have if they care at all about the success of their athletes.  This past weekend was emotionally draining for me but there’s no chance to rest if I’m going to perform at all at Nationals.  (same weekend as the Games by the way)

Over the next 2 months training for me moves from doubles, triples, and complexes to full movement singles at 95% or higher consistently.  I love Coach Luttrell’s theory on training for competition.  (Really training at all)  This close to competition why practice partial movements that won’t be performed on the platform?  That would be like Thursday afternoon before a Friday football game the team is still doing drills and running plays as separate units.  It’s smarter to run plays that will be used on the field the next day and to run them as a team.  The same is true of the lifts.  It’s smarter this close to a major competition to begin to add in full competition style lifts and as we get closer taper off the complexes and partial lifts.

This next 2 months means a lot to how I perform come July 27.  Time to get back at it…


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