In every sport on almost every level coaches develop a strategy through which their athletes are best setup for success. Often times a coach can give and devise a perfect plan but it doesn’t matter because the athlete neglects to implement it. Other times a athlete can follow the plan to perfection and still fail because the plan was faulty. However, every once in a while a coach develops the perfect plan and their athlete follows it to a tee.


We saw this reality happen not once but twice today at the Southwest Regional and again in the North Central Regional. Natalie Mclain, Matt Hathcock, and Elisabeth Akinwale all took our strategy to heart and found themselves on or near the top of the leaderboard. Natalie: 1st, Matt: 2nd, Elisabeth: 1st


One of the greater joys of coaching is watching one of your athletes succeed at the highest level. Today was one of those days. They trusted the plan despite the athletes moving past them, committed to holding the pacing we planned on, and ultimately found themselves near the top. This weekend is about making as few mistakes as possible and not letting the athletes around you change that. Consistency is key this weekend and so far we are in the fight.

Day 1 complete, 2 more to go but we got one heck of a start.

Get to attack these guys tomorrow…


Men’s Event 1 Here

Women’s Event 1 Here

Men’s Event 2&3 Here

Women’s Event 2&3 Here


4 responses to “#smokeandmirrors

  1. I’ve been following outlaw for 8 mos now and post my times regularly. I consider myself an outlaw athlete cause I only follow Rudy’s site. I’d love to know some of the strategies these athletes are using. Or are they only for the people you guys personally coach? Thanks

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