Regionals Day 1 Summary


Day 1 is in the books and it certainly provided for its fair share of excitement.

Event 1: Jackie

Our team partners consisted of Mel “Melevator” Knourek and Kevin “Ninja Warrior” Klein.  Both showed up in a BIG way to give us a combined total 0f 14:03 and a 10th place finish.  HUGE props to Mel for giving us a 20 second PR on her Jackie time.

KK Pose

Our team wasn’t the only people to show up on gameday.  Ingrid PR’d her Jackie time by 15 seconds as well managing a 7:28 and a 17th place finish.

Jeff Germond also had a PR Jackie time finishing in 5:29!  Not to be outdone Hoggan decided to up his previous PR of 5:30 with a 5:18 finish good enough for 2nd place.  I swear both of these guys literally looked like they were moving in fast forward on the thrusters in comparison to the rest of the field.  It was ridiculous.  In case you’re wondering it was the thrusters NOT the row that gave them such good times.

Moving on to events 2 and 3 Team Deep pulled off what I believe to be one of the greatest saves in team history.  Our boys put up a HUGE muscleup number recording 69 MU ALL BY THEMSELVES.  This number quite literally kept us in the hunt for the podium.  Unbelievable effort by Kevin, Eric, and Keith.  On the other side our women showed up in a huge way on the OHS.  Heather Bartlett managed to smoke 165 pound OHS for a triple.  Unknown to me… that was a clean PR.  WHAT!  She hit a PR on her clean, jerked it, THEN OVERHEAD SQUATTED IT FOR 3 REPS.  NASTY!  Lindsay Marshall also proved her salt toying with 185 for 3 reps and narrowly missing a third at 200 pounds.

On the individual side Ingrid may have given the crowd the most dramatic score of the day.  After missing her opener @ 175# twice.  She got it together, nailed 175 for 3 reps and then turned around and got 180 for 3 on the first try.  I think my heart stopped beating when she missed the first two sets.  On the heels of her OHS drama she managed 28 burpee muscleups despite some VERY fatigued shoulders and traps.

Jeff Germond put on the performance of his life on the OHS by making 275 x 3 look like warmup weight and getting 285 for two reps (despite the coaching instruction to only get 1 rep).  He then managed to get 23 burpee muscleups.

Hoggan’s OHS need some background information.  Jason is a spaz.  He will readily admit that and anyone who watches him workout will see what I mean.  Thus the forced composure, mobility, flexibility, and focus that is need for a 3 rep OHS is a struggle at best.  This event may have been the event that scared me the most for Jason over every other event scheduled.  I literally had nightmares of a DNF at 255# and an end to the weekend.  I was scared to death… and turns out so was Jason.  Naturally, he put all my fears to rest when he hit 255 with ease for 3 OHS on his first try.  He then proceeded to hit 265 for a double narrowly missing the third rep.  Moving to the rings, Jason may have gotten a little ahead of himself when he managed 15 burpee muscleups in under 2 minutes then proceeded to get 11 more in the remaining time for a total of 26.


I also want to give a little shout out to Landan Webster for an amazing performance on events 2 and 3 hitting 265# for a triple AND finishing the burpee MU in 6:17.  (With his shirt off of course)


Also Chase Ingraham’s comeback peformance has been jaw-dropping.  I can’t believe how much work this man has put in to return to the arena floor and look so smooth.  Amazingly, Chase sits right where he is most used to being.  #1 on the leaderboard.


Day 2 is a new day with new challenges.  (in particular event 4)  I fully expect these athletes to show up with bigger performances tomorrow as we climb the leaderboard to the podium.



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