The Beauty of Immense Power


I had planned on writing a blog today on injury in the sport of Crossfit and in weightlifting and major causes.

Then I turned on the weather channel…

I can’t emphasize enough how much  I LOVE severe weather.  For me there is such incredible beauty and wonder to severe weather.  Towering storm clouds, the magnitude of a hurricane, the brilliance of a lightning bolt, and the speed and power of a tornado are all utterly mystifying to me.  I have always wanted to see a tornado in person and watch its power.

Tonight my heart is heavy.  I am always mystified by these things until I see the results of what hit Joplin or Tuscaloosa and today Moore.  The scary thing about the beauty of the immense power of a tornado is that very quickly that beauty can turn deadly.

My heart goes out the residents of Moore, Oklahoma today.  I am particularly grieved looking at the picture the elementary school that was hit.  7 children of 51 confirmed fatalities withe many kids unaccounted for still.

There is beauty and awe associated with severe weather.  However the curse of Genesis 3 hurts my heart tonight as I mourn the loss of so many lives in Oklahoma.  If you can help people in that area do it and at the least say a prayer.


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