If you know anything about the X-Men then you know the famed character Wolverine with a titanium skeletal structure and the ability to heal his own wounds almost instantaneously.

A few months back I posted a couple blog posts about the man who I believe to be the closest thing to Wolverine walking on this earth.

Mahon Rises

Be Strong



Josh posted this picture on Twitter today with the phrase, “Haven’t had these on in 114 days. In fact, the last time I wore them paramedics took them off of me.”

114 days ago Josh dropped a snatch on his vertebrae and his L1 vertebrae split straight through his L2.  The doctors indicated a mandatory fusion of the vertebrae together and potential followup surgeries.  His fitness goals for the year that day became walking and at best completing a deadlift at bodyweight by December.

Josh never had that fusion and never had a surgery. Looking at these pictures it’s a miracle he is even walking.

20130120-222338.jpg 20130120-222332.jpg 20130120-222325.jpg

Today, for the first time in 114 days, Josh strapped on his weightlifting shoes and backsquatted 255 pounds for 5 reps (60 pounds above bodyweight).  He added icing to the cake by push pressing 205 pounds for 5 reps as well.

Josh still has a long road ahead.  Patience will still be key for him and for us as his coaches, training partners, and friend.  However, to say that his recovery has been miraculous so far would be an understatement.

South Central region you are formally warned.


2 responses to “Wolverine

  1. Adamantium in wolverines bones…but as i read the rest i love the power of barbells fornrecovery…

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