Word To Your Mother


Earlier this week I mentioned that many of my old high school teammates and my high school weightlifting coach helped to develop who I am today. Today we get to honor the women who (literally) made us who we are today.

I love Mother’s Day because it is an opportunity to give credit to the women who often gets very little. My mom lived in the background and sacrificed of herself for my good and the good of my family. She did all the things that we couldn’t do because they were a necessity for our family. Literally, we might not have survived without her. She is a woman worthy of way more than just a day committed to her. I’m thankful that today we get to stop and take notice of all the things moms do so quietly without ever asking for credit. I’m incredibly thankful that my mom never let me settle for mediocrity. Seriously, from the time I was little mom always required me to do my very best. Furthermore, she always required me to finish what I started. Quitting was never an option available to me. She would never let me sacrifice my goals and aspirations for the easy way out. Thank you mom! Our family knows the sacrifice it took to lead us from behind the scenes and how often we didn’t make it easy. Seriously, can you imagine daily life trying to raise my brother? That’s like 18 years of punishment… kidding. (sorta)

Many of my friends have just become new mothers. While I couldn’t be more happy for them, I think they realize they have committed to a live spent serving and raising their kids while they live behind the scenes. Mom’s literally keep the family working and functioning and without them we would be a more jacked up generation than we are now.

Take the time today to give your mom a call, eat lunch with her, take her to a movie, something! She deserves it.

Happy Mother’s Day mom.


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