It has been a long time since I could be considered a newby in the sport of weightlifting.  However, I remember those days.  The days when PR lifts came weekly and in the form of 10 kg jumps.  The days when you looked around you on max out Friday and everyone was hitting PR lifts.  Yesterday morning I got a little taste of that feeling from back in the day.  Lacy Bishline previously held a PR of 100# for the snatch.  Yesterday she hit 105# for a hang snatch + snatch complex.  That level of PR lift hasn’t happened to me in probably 10 years.  It was awesome to see her excitement and reminisce on those days.

I pray all you new lifters out there do as Lacy has done for the past 6 months.  Give priority to technique above total.  Lacy has a problem with an early arm bend because of a narrow grip in the snatch.  We have slowly moved her out wider and she has fought with the overhead instability and technical proficiency as a result.  Yesterday she saw some of the fruit of her labor.

Lacy Bishline 105# Hang Snatch + Snatch


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