“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”
Ephesians 2:10

Today I’m going to take a break from the regularly scheduled posting and share a second about a video that got after my heart today.

In Ephesians 2 verse 10, Paul explains that God did not create mankind as trash. Instead we are created as His workmanship. Workmanship can further be translated as masterpiece. The truth of the matter is that God does not create trash nor does he create second-class citizens or anyone more beautiful than another. We are created in the image of God. Seriously! Created with the exact image of a perfect, omnipotent, glorious God inside of us.

I’ll be the first to admit that culture sometimes sucks me into its nasty, judgmental, distasteful net. Magazines, television, and all the media out there seem to be especially good at making me believe I have to look a certain way or dress with a certain look in mind.

However, men are clearly not the most targeted by the ads and lies of our culture.  The standard for beauty that women must meet to be seen as “beautiful” is sickening to me.  God didn’t create us with that image in mind.  God doesn’t find certain facial features or certain clothing styles more beautiful than others.  Furthermore, if God can look down on us amidst our sin and sickness and see beauty worth saving and worth saving enough to send His Son then how in the world could we think Neiman Marcus or a nose job will make us more attractive?

I’m not urging you stop wearing certain clothing or trying to look good for others. I certainly would NEVER urge you to stop taking care of your body or stop working out.  Those things are are great and beneficial if kept in their proper place.  What  I a’m saying is that wrapping your identity up in that image will only hurt your self-confidence and destroy your ability to see yourself as God see you.

I wish women often would see how beautiful they are to others and especially see how attractive they are to the Lord.  He did send His Son to die for you.  I’d say He finds you pretty valuable.

Proverbs 31 details a gentle yet strong woman.  A humble yet confident wife.  And heralds a woman who finds her identity in Jesus not in Tory Burch.

Watch this and remember… you are more beautiful than you think you are.  And most guys know that and wish you would too.


On a sidenote, yes I am softie and this video did get after my heart.  Come at bro!



7 responses to “Masterpiece

  1. So easy to get caught up in the worldly and so easy forget that we’re called to be so much more.

    Keep up the good posting Spencer.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. The sketch video does show how critical we are of ourselves, and is a touching reality check. As a former gymnast and now a coach, I have seen the dark places people can go from judgements and perceptions. My mission is to instill acceptance and confidence in my students, and it starts with how they see themselves. I now start my classes with everyone saying something they like about themselves or what they can do the best!

  3. Spencer,

    Im not religious by any stretch of the imagination, yet I share these values.. As all HUMANS should. I train in te basement of a bodybuilding gym. There’s no mirrors, my bumpers are old and faded, the lighting sucks, and the ceiling is barely tall enough to jerk under…it’s perfect. Adjacent to my “paradise” there is a large room lined with mirrors. 2 or 3 days a week, this room hosts classes for figure athletes and bodybuilders… Experienced “athletes” teach newcomers how to flex and suck in their stomachs in heels, how I taper their diets, and how much tanning is enough… I’ve come to realize the ultimate paradox is that these women AND men who represent and portray the image of “fitness and health” are emaciated, dehydrated, and made over versions of themselves…since when did this become ideal? I know dieting and rapid cutting are part of weightlifting for most but for some reason this strikes me as
    different… and scary.

  4. If one set of facial features isn’t inherently more appealing than another, what point does the sketch illustrate?

    • That the facial features the individual was referring to were being referred to in a negative manner where others might find them attractive or beautiful. Beauty comes in the eye of the beholder. Some folks think their dimples or freckles or nose is unattractive while other may find that to be their most attractive feature.

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