Progress: Becky Clark


The toes are useful for certain things. Ballerinas. Flip Flops. Digging in the sand. However, they are not useful for jerking, snatching, or cleaning. Becky has struggled with this concept. There’s a misunderstanding in her mind…standing on your toes is not a position of power.

I have been trying to help Becky recently with this concept. Success has arrived.


Becky Clark 150lb Snatch

Becky Clark 193lb Jerk


3 responses to “Progress: Becky Clark

  1. Spencer, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while, but Becky’s succes present the perfect opportunity. How did you coach Becky into staying on her heels? I have a lot of athletes at my box with the bad habit of getting on their toes way to early and it seems to be such a hard habit to break!

    • That’s a long process. It was months of video feedback and a couple accessory exercises. I had her do some jerk dips where she just came out of the rack and dipped to the bottom of the jerk and stood back up maintaining pressure on the heels. And then had her focus on pressure in the heels when doing pulls for the snatch and clean

  2. Hey Alex! On top of Spencer’s fantastic coaching, I figured out that when my first pull was too fast/rushed I had the tendency to go onto my toes – In the jerk, I get more toes when I dip too quickly. Slowing down the first pull and dip helped a TON!

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