Dynamic Duo


Well Murfreesboro camp is halfway complete.  However, mid-camp we did learn something awesome…

Found out some of the coolest news today that I’ve heard from the entire Opens.  Currently sitting 2nd in the European region is 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist and 3 Time World Champion Oxana Slivenko.  What did she medal in might you ask?  Olympic Weightlifting as a 69kg female.  She didn’t medal in 2012 because she pulled out of the Olympics with all the other Russians for reasons unknown…

If this doesn’t make you feel inadequate, at a bodyweight of 68.47kg she snatched 115kg and CJ 140 totaling 255.  Just as a reference point, my winning total for the American Open was 259.  I beat HER by 4kg!

I guess she decided to give Crossfit a shot and now sits 2nd in the region.  Incredible!  Somehow I don’t think the snatches in 13.1 were hard for her.  Once again another argument that strength gives athletes the ability to articulate their lung capacity.  I would imagine that she is efficient and completes barbell work with ease with those kind of numbers.  Strength is a HUGE advantage in athletics…point clearly made.

Oxana Slivenko CJ



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