Broccoli’s Not Enough


Well if you’re going to be in Atlanta you better at least hit one of the hotspots. Blake Albertson and myself decided to take a little trip down to Atlanta and visit Vortex Bar and Grill in Little Five Points. The wait was expensive because the food was worth waiting for. If you’re reading Keifer’s book on “Carb back-loadng” Vortex is certainly the place to go and experiment at.

I literally had a burger called the coronary bypass burger. I guess they are assuming that it would give me a heart attack. I’m going disagree with them. Although, the triple bypass burger, which comes with 10 slices of bacon, 14 slices of cheese, 3 patties ,3 fried eggs, and is sandwiched in between two grilled cheese sandwiches, might actually pull off a heart attack.

Long story short Vortex resembles a valid nutrition point. You can’t eat enough broccoli to fuel a workout. There is not enough calories in broccoli to allow for peak performance without eating a CRAP ton of broccoli. Seriously that much broccoli will cause serious digestive problems.

My nutrition advice is simple, eat what works best for you and don’t change it. Experiment, figure out what causes the best performance, and continue to do that on a regular basis. I’m not at all indicating that a triple coronary bypass burger is the key to success in CrossFit but ultimately eating for performance and eating for appearance are two completely different styles of eating. Eat what works best.

On a side note this is literally the best burger I’ve ever eaten in the state of Georgia. However Vortex doesn’t hold a candle to Dallas. Dallas wins.



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