Happy Birthday Mom!


Today is my mothers birthday. She turned 60 today and luckily I was able to fly and to surprise her at her 60th surprise birthday party. One of the greater joys of my life has been being raised by such an incredible mom.

I can remember story after story where my mom gave of herself and sacrificed of herself for the purpose of her family’s good.

Certainly one of God’s greatest gifts to my life has been my mom.

I wouldn’t know how cook without her. She started teaching me how to scramble eggs at age 5. I wouldn’t know how to dress without her. She taught me at age 7 that wearing shorts with four long sleeve T-shirts doesn’t necessarily make the most sense. I wouldn’t know how to tie my shoes or wash my clothes without her. Yes she made me wash my clothes in high school. Turned out to be a good thing too.

There’s so much in my life that I learned from my mom that I can’t even begin counting or giving her enough credit for.

She epitomizes Proverbs 31:20 in her selflessness and desire to help others. I have met very few women whose greatest desire is the comfort and happiness of others. She has supported me and my brother and sister in every single endeavor we have ever set forth on. Furthermore, she’s gotten very little credit for how much she gives to others. This world has been blessed with 60 years of life from her and pray it is blessed with many more.

Happy birthday mom thanks for being awesome.



One response to “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Spencer,

    I always felt that a man’s dedication to a wife is how much he loves/loved his mother. God bestowed upon you many blessings. Your mother is one of them.

    Be well,

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