Perfect Practice Makes Perfect


Snatches and burpees eh. Cake work. This is the workout where all your work on efficiency and technical value should pay off. The body will always fall on it strongest points and movement patterns under fatigue. Certainly after 70 or 90 burpees fatigue will begin to set in. At this point your score will reflect the months of training you have completed prior to now. If you’re barbell work was just something you got through and not something you spent time focusing on then your snatch technique will show that. However if you spent the time and focus on good technique, did lighter weights well to allow for the training of good movement patterns, and took the Olympic lifts seriously now is your time shine. Under fatigue your body will fall on what it knows best and ultimately will fall on the habits you’ve created. Hopefully you’ve created good habits and have created strength in good movement patterns. If you have you’ll see that work pay off. Snatches and burpees… Good luck!



8 responses to “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Spencer,
    I just wanted to say “Thank You.”
    I attended the Outlaw training camp in NC, and then your first Oly. specific camp at Deep Ellum.
    I know I am not a “Gamer,” but I truly enjoy reading your articles and honing in on technical proficiency. The snatch kills me all the time, but it is something to keep me hungry in this sport of fitness world.
    Thanks again for your time and sharing your experience.

  2. Hi Spencer,

    First, i want to really thank you for all the article, analysis & vids in this blog or relate to outlaw blog. I learned more here than any other coach and the importance that you attach to detail makes me love weightlifting more and more everyday.

    I have a question about weight in training, i’m a CrossFiter who follow Rudy’s programming and when i see “heaviest possible” on snatch/clean variant (snatch from blocks, 2-pos clean etc.) i don’t know where is the good option :

    – climb to the heaviest weight possible (even if i don’t have a good and efficient technique because i lift since september) and why ?

    – stay at a weight wich is neither too light nor too heavy (approx. 80% ?) and really focus on technique and goal of the exercise (vertical power, first pull, drop speed..)

    Hope you can reply with all your knowledge like as usual.


    • Hey man when he says heavy as possible he implies two things. First obviously make sure there is significant amount of weight on the bar. Significant enough to challenge you in your strength. However it must also be within your technical abilities. The weight should never supersede what you can complete with good technical value. If heaviest off Means what you can complete with good technique no matter what the weight is. I want the weight to be as heavy as you can complete while still managing to work on your technique at the same time. Hope that helps.

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