Afraid of the Hamstrings?

Hang Position

Below is a critique of one of my snatches from the blocks below the knee.  I preach and preach and preach the need for tension in the hamstrings for the purpose of bar speed.  The hamstrings are your friend.  One of the purposes of the first pull is to create hamstring tension and use that tension as leverage to move the bar overhead.  In the video critique below you can see my shift away from the hamstrings early.  It’s almost like I am afraid of the tension there.


Hamstring Tension Video


One of the biggest keys for me (and you) to put the bar in the proper position before the second pull is hamstring tension.  This is my biggest challenge and one of my greatest weaknesses.


3 responses to “Afraid of the Hamstrings?

  1. Spencer – thank you for these really helpful posts and videos. As a beginner trying to learn the lifts independently (And practicing at a local commercial gym with metal plates) this kind of analysis is invaluable.
    Many thanks and keep up the excellent work!

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