You Are Capable Of More


Since I started the sport of  weightlifting I have always been told that my body is capable of more than mind believes it to be. The Bulgarians exemplified this term back in the 80’s when they endured some of the hardest training in weightlifting history and were rewarded with gold medals left and right. I was reminded today that this fact still remains. Our bodies are capable of training at a level that sometimes our mind does not want to let us a ascend to or that our mind scares us from attaining.

Think about how much your body does, the complexity of the brain, how specifically each body system works together to create a functioning human being, and the amount of cells all working together in perfection. You were not created by accident or by coincidence and therefore your body is capable of a great deal more than you give it credit for.

I think the problem lies in our mind. We are often satisfied far too easily.  We slow down because it hurts.  We take a rest day because we don’t want to train.  We back off the intensity because we know to keep pushing takes more work.  We often set goals only to meet them and not set new ones. We often set our goals too low.  We often under estimate the ability and potential we are created with.

There are numerous examples throughout the world of sports of people doing incredible feats that were never dreamed possible. The idea that the body has limits has always seemed ridiculous 100 years later. The limits put on our capabilities 100 years ago seem laughable now. The limits we are putting on a body now will seem laughable in 100 years. In your training remember this truth. Remember you are always capable of more and until your body decides it’s time to start shutting down you always have more potential in you. Never settle for the expectations or limits placed on you by your mind or by your environment. You’re capable of more.

Kevin Klein proving he is capable of just a little bit more.


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