One of the beneficial qualities of a weightlifter is confidence.  As a weightlifter it is important to step into training and step onto the competition platform with confidence.  Confidence that you’ll make lifts, confidence in the reality that your training is making you a better lifter, and confidence in the benefit of your hard work.  Sometimes this confidence can come off as prideful and often times it can become pride and inflated ego.

Today as I read Psalm 24, God’s Word reminded me of the difference in confidence and pride.  Verses 1-2 reads:

The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof,
the world and those who dwell therein,
for he has founded it upon the seas
and established it upon the rivers.
(Psalm 24:1-2 ESV)

All the earth is God’s.  All of it.  And all those who dwell in it…His as well.  I’m His.  He made me.  He formed me.  He gave me all that I have INCLUDING any talent for the sport of weightlifting (most days I pray for a bigger portion).  I can be confident.  Confident in my ability.  Confident that I will make lifts, that my training is paying off, and that I am becoming a better lifter.  I can be confident in these things because God has given me those things.  I am NOT the creator or the origin of those gifts BUT God is.  How much more confident can I be in those gifts knowing that the God, who created all the earth and owns all the earth, created and gave me my gifts?  I can be much more confident in those gifts knowing they come from an almighty, perfect, omnipotent source rather than my weak, feeble flesh.

God is over all creation.  He gave me all that I have.  That both instills confidence AND reminds me who is the creator of my talent. I can take no credit but I can be confident in the God who deserves ALL the credit.  The creation can never take credit for being what it is but it can be confident in how it is created.

On a sidenote, I could watch these training videos all day every day.  The latest one is awesome.  Aimee rocks it in her snatch work at the end.  Her footwork is phenomenal.  Thanks for the entertainment and motivation Coach Everett.

Catalyst Training Video

On another sidenote, Josh doesn’t have to have surgery.  In fact, 3 months off and he can begin rehab.  I give him 3 weeks…



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