Day One Down


Day one of the Texas State Weightlifting Championships is in the books. It has quite a day with no lacking in surprises or excitement. Our lifters did incredible and surpassed all my expectations. The day was filled with multiple PR’s and multiple gold medals.  Eric and I even commented tonight that despite our personal terrible jerks, our lifters are REALY REALLY good at the jerk.

Thus far almost all of our old men (a.k.a. Masters lifters) managed to walk away with some gold medals.  Adam Amorose in the 77 kg class snagged a gold, Eric Girard in the 85 kg class snagged one, Eric Vanegas with a PR clean and jerk grabbed a gold in the 69 kg class,  and the gym’s little brother Chance Brewster also got gold and won the state championship at 85 kg in the juniors category.

We had multiple lifters who competed this evening and have a stake for medals with the A sessions tomorrow. Overall the day was filled with incredible PR’s and incredible lifts. I was planning on making a compilation video of today’s lifts but honestly I’m too tired and I still have weight to cut for tomorrow. So to satisfy some of you, here is one of my favorite lifts today and  a harder fight than I have seen in a long time.  Oh yeah it was also a PR.

Lacy Bishline 45 kg PR

Hitting the sack to prepare for tomorrow’s competition. Tomorrow’s post should be one of great victory and hopefully The State Championship.


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