Strong Saturday: Natalie McClain 140# Snatch


Tonight’s post is pretty simple.  Natalie McClain snatched 140# today.  That matches her PR (I think) and is a number she has not hit in a while.  What’s more, she looks like she has more in the tank and the 12 minute time cap probably prevented that. Below are three views of that life.  One in real time and two in different speeds of slow motion.

Take a second and notice two things on this snatch.  While it was a made lift, Natalie and I have talked about some specifics to work on.  First watch when her heels come off the ground.  She is slightly early in her jump (and I mean slightly) preventing some vertical power application.  Second watch her feet.  She lands a little farther out with her right foot.  (A bad habit of hers) Down the road this will create an unbalanced landing position creating instability overhead.

Check em out.  Also the reason I had to slow these lifts down to so slow is because that’s the only way you are seeing these faults.  This is a really good lift and an awesome number for a girl who weighs 116 pounds.

Full Speed

Half Speed

Real Slow



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