Top Ten Moments of the Year


Happy New Years!  I wanted to (with little to no forethought) rattle off my top ten moments of the year.  Here goes!

10. Go Dawgs!  UGA beats No. 2 Florida and plays Bama in the SEC Championship

Georgia v Florida

9. God in His ever so gracious love opens up the sky and gives the world greatness.  Duck Dynasty enters the Arnold house.  Listen here Jack!  That show is awesome!


8. Jason Riggins and I go down to Silsbee, Texas and Be Challenged Crossfit for one of the greatest weekend seminars I have ever had the pleasure to lead.  Great athletes combined with an awesome facility and host gym made for a highlight to my year.


7. Texas State Championship Meet 2012: 6 for 6 with a PR Snatch (122), CJ (155) and Total (277).



6. Coaching and Experiencing The Crossfit Games with competitive athletes


5. Texas Outlaw’s Gold Medal at the Europa Competition in Dallas


4.  Watching and being a part of one of my lifelong best friends tying the knot: Jeremy and Jordan’s Wedding


3. The “Epic” Mustache… no other words need be said.  (nor pictures be shown)

2. Winning the American Open in Palm Springs


1. Constant reminder of God’s grace to me in 2012 with my two girls.  Here’s to 2013.



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