Merry Christmas


Well no surprise here, I did not get the Eleiko Barbell Set I wished for.  My brother however did play a cruel joke.


(It was a truck bed cover…)

Don’t know why I thought this year would be any different from the past 12 years.  Soon… I can almost feel the perfect knurling in my hands.

Tomorrow’s post will be made from Amelia Island, Florida where Eric and I are attending Amelia Island Crossfit’s Christmas Weightlifting Camp.  Expect a post or two with some nuggets of wisdom from some of the country’s best coaches.  Can’t wait for them to tell me how bad my jerk is.

However today weightlifting didn’t happen.  Don’t get me wrong I thought about how early I needed to get up to make it to the gym and be back before anyone woke up.  Unfortunately though, my morning did not begin with lifting.  One day, when we have kids, they will not get to open presents until they have set a new PR at something.  I think for a 8 year old there is no greater motivation.  Seriously how effective is that!  (I’m only kinda kidding)

I hope all 5 of you who take a  second to read this today have a very Merry Christmas and are soaking up time with family and friends.  Take a second to remember that the National Holiday we all celebrate so joyfully and anticipate all year round happened because of something bigger than the barbell I didn’t get today.  Jesus Christ is our greatest gift and every gift we got today should be a received with great joy as a reminder of His great gift on the Cross.  We live because He died.  Celebrate that.

Merry Christmas.  Enjoy family and rest today because tomorrow we are back in the gym.


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