We Survived #mayanapocalypse


Well it appears that all of us survived the Mayan apocalypse. I kept the mustache just in case this was it. I mean who can say their life ended whilst sporting a killer mustache?

I found myself impressed tonight with two things. Firstly, our gym’s workout today was the best improvement on Helen I’ve ever seen. There is only one way to improve a workout that is already as studly as Helen. Add snatch. Basically if you want to improve anything just add snatch to it.  Think about it.  Politicians become better people if they know how to snatch. Wars could be solved with a snatch off.  Instead of exempting students from final exams for perfect attendance, you could exempt students for being able to snatch 100 kg. Snatch solves everything. Tonight we added snatch to Helen.

Below are some videos of some of our members doing five full snatch mixed in with Helen. The work out was simple. One round of Helen. Rest one minute. Snatch a decently heavyweight (70%-80%) for five reps. Rest one minute. AMRAP for 20 minutes.  Our members impressed me tonight by doing a great job maintaining good technique throughout this workout. If you’ve ever done Helen before you know that it has the potential to completely gas you and destroy any cognitive ability to think about what you doing. Tonight some of our members proved their mental toughness and focused on their technique even at a heavy weight while gassed. The proof is below.
The second thing I was most impressed with was Josh Mahon’s End of the World compilation work out. Josh brought in an old beat up minivan, created a fight gone bad style workout, and gave our members an awesome workout. Here are some of the videos I have of us beating the tar out of the minivan. Much more fun than I ever thought.

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