Texas State Championships 2012


Since completing the American Open and taking some time off to recover and relax a little, Eric (training partner) and I have gotten back into full swing training for our next meet.  Coming up January 19-20 in Frisco, Texas is the Texas State Championships.  In years past this meet has been located near Houston in Alvin, Texas.  Bringing this meet back to Dallas this year has completely changed the dynamic of this meet

Already more than 85 lifters have registered and the awards and prizes are beginning to stack up for weight classes and teams.  After seeing success as a 69kg lifter at the American Open, I am going to give this one a shot again as a 69.  Before my most recent American Open competition, the state meet was the last time I competed in the lower weight class.  I didn’t do so well that year and I vowed after that meet to never cut weight again.  Woops.

This meet promises to be quite the spectacle and the competition should not disappoint spectators.  With more than a dozen nationally-competitive lifters competing, 4 of which are in the same weight class (69kg), this meet will be one for the record books.  Lifters like Dutch Lowy, Melissa Knourek, Natalie McClain, Jim Napier, Jed Harris, Erin Garcia, and Bobby “three-ring” Sirkis on the competition list already, there will be plenty of quality lifting to be watched.  CF Deep and Outlaw Barbell Club will be fielding an extensive team chasing the team championship and many of our lifters will be chasing gold medals in their first time on the platform.  If you are in the area and want to see one of the better local meets in the country, this is one you should mark your calendars for.  The winners for each weight class may very well come down to body weight. (not necessarily a fact in my favor)


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